E-3.3 - Election Act

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210. Before removing or refusing to register a person, a board of revisors must inform the person by means of a written notice stating the grounds for the removal or refusal and must give the person the opportunity to submit observations in person or in writing within the time it specifies, except where the person is present, in a case described in the second paragraph of section 192, where the request is submitted under section 205 by a person domiciled at the address appearing on the list opposite the name of the person or where the board is satisfied, on the basis of the evidence presented, that the person whose removal is requested is under curatorship or is dead.
The notice must be of at least one clear day and be notified in the manner determined by the Chief Electoral Officer at the address appearing on the list of electors or at any other place the board of revisors has reason to believe the person may be reached.
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210. Where the revision follows an enumeration, the board of revisors shall, in addition, examine the reports and requests for verification transmitted to it in accordance with the second paragraph of section 194. It shall also examine the enumeration slips on which the enumerators were unable to enter a date of birth and shall attempt, to the extent possible, to obtain that information.
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210. Two revisors constitute a quorum.
1989, c. 1, s. 210.