E-3.3 - Election Act

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127.15. A leadership candidate’s financial representative who, because of a lack of funds in the account referred to in section 127.5, is unable to pay all claims received and loans contracted may continue to collect contributions during the 12-month period following the leadership vote for the sole purpose of paying the outstanding claims and loans.
If there remains an unpaid balance on a claim or loan at the expiry of that period, the Chief Electoral Officer may authorize the financial representative to continue collecting contributions during an additional period of 12 months for the purpose of paying that balance. That 12-month period may be renewed once, with the authorization of the Chief Electoral Officer.
Contributions collected under the first and second paragraphs are deemed to have been collected for the purposes of the leadership campaign of the candidate concerned.
Any unpaid balance on a claim or loan at the expiry of the 36-month period following the leadership vote is deemed to be a contribution for which the candidate alone is accountable. Sections 100 and 567 do not apply to such a contribution.
2011, c. 38, s. 6.