E-15 - Industrial and Commercial Establishments Act

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4. The industrial and commercial establishments mentioned in section 3 shall be built and kept in such manner as to secure the safety of all employed in them; and, in those which contain mechanical apparatus, the machinery, mechanism, gearing, tools and engines shall be so placed and kept as to afford every possible security for the employees.
They shall also be kept in the cleanest possible manner; be sufficiently lighted and have a sufficient quantity of air for the number of persons employed; be provided with effective means for expelling the dust produced during the work, and also the gases and vapours which escape and the refuse resulting therefrom; in a word, fulfil all sanitary conditions necessary for the health of the persons employed, as required by the regulations made in virtue of the Public Health Act (Revised Statutes of Québec, 1964, chapter 161).
R. S. 1964, c. 150, s. 4.