E-15 - Industrial and Commercial Establishments Act

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25. (1)  All notices required by this act to be given, shall be valid if received by the person for whom they are intended, or if left at his domicile or place of business within the delay fixed herein, irrespective of the mode by which such notice was conveyed.
(2)  All notices, orders, requisitions, summons and documents required or authorized to be served for the purposes of this act, may be served by delivering the same to or at the domicile of the person himself, or by leaving a true copy with a reasonnable person of his family or at the establishment where the person is employed, or by leaving a true copy with one of the employees, or by a prepaid letter sent through the post.
(3)  When such documents are required to be served on an employer, they shall be deemed to be properly addressed, if addressed to him at the establishment in respect of which he is employer, with the addition of the proper postal address, but without naming the employer.
R. S. 1964, c. 150, s. 27.