E-12.2 - Act to establish the permanent list of electors

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99. Notwithstanding section 8, the chief electoral officer shall maintain a registry of electors outside Québec until 31 May 1997, containing the names of the electors who were registered on 16 June 1995 and of every elector entitled to exercise his right to vote outside Québec who has, since that date, filed an application therefor in accordance with sections 293 and 293.1 of the Election Act (chapter E-3.3).
The chief electoral officer shall strike from the registry the information relating to electors who have returned to Québec or who have been outside Québec for more than two years except, in the latter case, electors to whom the second paragraph of section 293 of the said Act applies.
1995, c. 23, s. 99.