E-12.1 - Act to promote the establishment of young farmers

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6. To qualify for a grant, a farmer must
(1)  file an establishment plan with the Bureau; the plan must or may include one or several of the components determined by regulation or as may be required by the Bureau on the basis of compatibility with the agricultural production of the farm or the possibility of improving it; the plan must also demonstrate that, taking account of the grant, the farm contemplated in section 2 will be an economic farm and will continue to be so once the borrower ceases to receive the grant;
(2)  file with the Bureau a written convenant that he will follow the plan;
(3)  be at least 18 years of age and, on the date of receipt by the Bureau or, as the case may be, the Farm Credit Corporation of his written application for a loan or for assumption of a loan for the purposes of his establishment, be under 40 years of age and meet the conditions which may be fixed by regulation as to schooling, farming experience and vocational training;
(4)  carry out his establishment within 12 months of the date contemplated in subparagraph 3;
(5)  not, as a farm operator or as a farmer, have previously qualified a group operation for all or part of a grant it received under the Act to promote the development of agricultural operations (chapter M-36) or a grant under section 2 or section 14, nor have, himself, previously received all or part of such a grant or of any of the following benefits:
(a)  a remission of debt under section 30 of the Farm Credit Act (chapter C-75);
(b)  a remission of debt under section 4 of the Farm Loan Act (chapter P-20);
(c)  a grant under section 25, as it read before 1 January 1970, of the Agriculture and Colonization Department Act (Revised Statutes, 1964, chapter 101);
(d)  a grant for farm consolidation under section 30, as it read before 30 October 1969, of the Act referred to in subparagraph c;
(6)  where the farm contemplated in section 2 or the new farm contemplated in section 8 is the subject of a lease, file with the Bureau proof that the lease is evidenced by notarial deed enminute or by private deed, duly registered, and has a term at least as long as the term prescribed by regulation or, in the opposite case, that the lessee has performed the prescribed formalities in respect of the renewal of the lease;
(7)  prove to the Bureau that the farm contemplated in section 2 or, as the case may be, the new farm contemplated in section 8 is situated in a municipality forming part of a designated agricultural zone within the meaning of the Act to preserve agricultural land (chapter P-41.1), or, if there is an agricultural zone established in accordance with Division IV of that Act in the municipality where the farm is situated, that the farm is situated in that zone.
For the application of the first paragraph, of section 7 and section 16, any farm operator or farmer as the case may be who, when a grant was made to a group operation under the Act to promote the development of agricultural operations, was a member of the group and met all the conditions required to qualify it for a grant, is deemed to have qualified the group for the whole grant if it received all or part of the grant.
1982, c. 29, s. 6.