E-12.001 - Pay Equity Act

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76.2.1. An employer that has set up a pay equity committee to establish a pay equity plan or whose enterprise includes at least one certified association representing employees covered by the pay equity audit shall, if the employer decides to conduct the audit alone, carry out a participation process. Such a process must be completed not later than 60 days before the posting under section 76.3 is made.
In the course of the participation process, the employer shall
(1)  send information on the pay equity audit in progress to the certified associations and, where applicable, to the employees not represented by such associations or to their representatives designated under the third paragraph, in particular by providing them with documents describing the work done; and
(2)  establish consultation measures regarding the audit to enable those associations and employees to ask questions or make observations to express their concerns, expectations, opinions or suggestions, among other things.
At the request of an employer, the employees not represented by a certified association shall designate one or more representatives for the carrying out of the participation process.
An employer shall allow those employees to hold a meeting in the workplace for the purpose of designating any representative. A representative so designated is deemed to be at work when performing any task related to the participation process.
Such a certified association and, where applicable, such an employee or representative are bound to protect the confidentiality of any information and document received under subparagraph 1 of the second paragraph. However, the association and, where applicable, the representative may forward the information and documents to the employees they represent, who must also protect their confidentiality.
2019, c. 42019, c. 4, s. 8.