C-5.3 - Cannabis Regulation Act

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16.1. Despite subparagraph 6 of the first paragraph of section 16, a local municipality may, by by-law and on the conditions it determines, permit cannabis smoking in a municipal park, except in the parts of the park where smoking is prohibited under subparagraphs 6 to 8 of the first paragraph of section 2.1 of the Tobacco Control Act (chapter L-6.2) or under the second paragraph of that section. In such a case, the local municipality must post signs visible to the persons frequenting the park, indicating the places where cannabis smoking is permitted.
However, when a public event of a cultural, sports or commercial nature, in particular a festival, party or sports gathering, is held in such places, such a by-law must, among other things,
(1)  prohibit cannabis smoking, for the duration of the event, within the perimeter in which the event is held; and
(2)  require the event organizer to inform the public of the perimeter within which cannabis smoking is prohibited and of the duration of the prohibition, such as by posting signs.
An authenticated copy of any by-law made under the first paragraph must be sent to the Minister as soon as possible after the by-law is adopted.
2019, c. 212019, c. 21, s. 8.