C-4 - Savings and Credit Unions Act

Full text
125. The memorandum of association shall state:
(a)  the name of the proposed federation;
(b)  its head office;
(c)  the territory in which it shall recruit its members;
(d)  the amount of a share of stock, if shares are provided for;
(e)  the names of the member unions and the number of shares subscribed for by each;
(f)  the name, occupation and residence of the person designated to act as provisional secretary of the federation to send to the Minister the copies of the declaration and to call the organization meeting;
(g)  the manner of calling such meeting which must be held within sixty days after publication of the notice provided for in section 127.
R. S. 1964, c. 293, s. 98; 1970, c. 59, s. 41.