C-38 - Companies Act

Full text
123.3. A company is deemed to have made a distribution of securities to the public where the securities issued by it were
(1)  listed on a stock exchange or with a regulatory body for control of trade in such securities, or
(2)  described in a document filed prior to their issue, such as a prospectus or a statement of material facts.
1979, c. 31, s. 27; 1980, c. 28, s. 14.
123.30. Third persons are not presumed to have knowledge of the contents of a document concerning a company by reason only that the document has been registered or is available for inspection at the offices of the company.
1979, c. 31, s. 27; 1980, c. 28, s. 14.
123.30. The address of the head office of a company, within the limits of the judicial district specified in the articles, is established by a mere resolution of the board of directors.
A notice of any change of address of the head office of a company must be given to the Director within fifteen days.
The change of address has effect from the receipt of the notice by the Director.
1979, c. 31, s. 27.
123.3. Part I of the act applies, mutatismutandis, to companies incorporated or continued under this Part, except sections 6 to 12, 14 to 17, subsections 1 and 5 of section 18, sections 19 to 25, 30 to 32, 34.1, 36 to 40, subsections 8 and 9 of section 48, the second paragraph of subsection 2 of section 49 and sections 55 to 65, 83, 84, 86, 87 and 120.
1979, c. 31, s. 27.