C-37.2 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Montréal

Full text
83. The Council may make any by-law respecting the administration and the internal management of any committee.
It may in particular, in such by-law,
(1)  prescribe the length and time of the question period at public meetings of a committee, and the procedure to be followed to put a question; and
(2)  require a committee to forward to the Council every year, at the time determined by the Council, a report of its operations during the last fiscal period.
1969, c. 84, s. 83; 1982, c. 18, s. 28.
83. No report of a committee appointed under section 82 shall have any effect until it has been ratified or adopted by the Council.
1969, c. 84, s. 83.