C-37.2 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Montréal

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251. The chairman of the board of directors shall preside at the meetings of the board and see that good order is maintained.
1969, c. 84, s. 284; 1985, c. 31, s. 23.
251. The secretary of the Commission shall be the custodian of the seal and records of the Commission. He shall sign the minutes and all contracts of the Commission.
The minutes of the Commission, approved and signed by the chairman of the meeting and by the secretary, shall be authentic; the same shall apply to documents and copies emanating from the Commission or forming part of its records, when they are certified by the secretary.
The assistant secretary, if one is appointed, may perform all the duties of the office of secretary, with the same rights, powers and privileges.
1969, c. 84, s. 284.