C-27 - Labour Code

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111.33. In addition to the powers assigned to it by this Code and the Act to establish the Administrative Labour Tribunal (chapter T-15.1), the Tribunal may, for the purposes of this Code,
(1)  order a person, a group of persons, an association or a group of associations to do, not do or cease doing something in order to comply with this Code;
(2)  require any person to remedy any act done or any omission made in contravention of this Code;
(3)  order a person or a group of persons, taking into consideration the conduct of the parties, to apply the measures of redress it considers best;
(4)  issue an order not to authorize or participate in, or to cease authorizing or participating in, a strike or slowdown within the meaning of section 108 or a lock-out that is or would be contrary to this Code, or to take the measures it considers appropriate to induce the persons represented by an association not to participate in, or to cease participating in, such a strike, slowdown or lock-out; and
(5)  order, where applicable, that the grievance and arbitration procedure under a collective agreement be accelerated or modified.
However, these powers do not apply in the case of a strike, a slowdown, any concerted action other than a strike or slowdown or a lock-out, whether real or apprehended, in a public service or in the public and parapublic sectors within the meaning of Chapter V.1.
2015, c. 15, s. 137.