C-25.1 - Code of Penal Procedure

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114. A person who has made a search without a warrant or telewarrant shall promptly report thereon to a judge having jurisdiction to issue a search warrant in the judicial district where the search was made.
He shall then file with the judge an affidavit setting forth his grounds for deciding to make a search in that place, the thing he was searching for and, where such is the case, the exigent circumstances that prevented him from applying for a warrant or telewarrant or the name of the person who consented to the search and the manner in which that person’s consent was given.
Where a thing was seized, the seizor shall also file with the judge the minutes of seizure either at the time he reports on the search or within fifteen days of the seizure, unless the judge grants an extension.
1987, c. 96, a. 114.