C-25.1 - Code of Penal Procedure

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110. Where a person makes a seizure during a search, he shall record the seizure in minutes containing
(1)  indication of the place where the seizure was made;
(2)  the date and time of the seizure;
(3)  the number of the search warrant or telewarrant or the reasons for which the seizure was made without a warrant or telewarrant;
(4)  a summary description of the thing seized;
(5)  if they are known, the name of the person from whom the thing was seized and the name of the person on whose premises the search was made or, in his absence, the name of the person in charge of them;
(6)  any information by which the person entitled to the thing seized may be identified;
(7)  the name and quality of the seizor.
1987, c. 96, a. 110.