C-23.1 - Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly

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11. Employment, a position or any other post to which remuneration or a benefit in lieu of remuneration is attached is incompatible with the office of Member if it is held with
(1)  the Government or one of its departments or a public body;
(2)  the Government of Canada, the government of another province or of a territory, or a department or agency of such a government, except the regular Armed Forces or the Reserve;
(3)  a foreign country; or
(4)  an international non-profit organization.
However, being a Cabinet Member is not incompatible with the office of Member.
This section does not prohibit engaging in remunerated teaching activities or practising a profession within a body referred to in subparagraph b of paragraph 1 of section 5, subject to the Member having informed, and obtained permission from, the Ethics Commissioner.
2010, c. 30, s. 11.