C-23.1 - Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly

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102. A person who is the subject of a report of the Ethics Commissioner and is a Member at that time has the right to reply to the report, within five sitting days after the tabling of the report in the National Assembly, by making a statement not exceeding 20 minutes at the time set aside during Routine Proceedings for complaints of breach of privilege or contempt and personal explanations.
If the person who is the subject of the report is not a Member, he or she may address a written notice to the President of the National Assembly within the time set out in the first paragraph asking to be heard by the Assembly. The President convenes the appropriate committee without delay to hear the person’s statement, which must not exceed 20 minutes. The report of the committee is then laid before the National Assembly.
2010, c. 30, s. 102.