C-11.5 - Charter of Ville de Québec, national capital of Québec

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36. The city council must, by by-law, adopt a public consultation policy. The by-law must indicate the matters in respect of which the city intends to consult as part of its decision-making process and the manner in which it intends to carry out the consultation. The by-law must, in particular, specify the matters to be submitted for consultation to ward councils.
The clerk must, at least 15 days before the meeting at which the council is to pass the by-law or an amending by-law, publish a notice indicating the date, time and place of the council meeting at which the by-law is to be submitted for passage, and indicating that any interested person may be heard in relation to the by-law by the council or by a council committee established for that purpose. The notice must include the main elements of the public consultation policy or the proposed amendments and must indicate where the by-law may be examined or where a copy may be obtained.
The council may establish a committee composed of the members it appoints to hear interested persons and to report to it.
2000, c. 56, Sch. II, s. 36; O.C. 1309-2001, s. 11.