B-8 - Act respecting the Bureau de la statistique

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22.1. (1)  The fund of the Bureau de la statistique du Québec is hereby established to pay the remuneration and the expenses relating to social benefits and other conditions of employment of the personnel needed to provide services rendered by the Bureau, and any other costs incurred for that purpose.
(2)  The Government shall determine for what services and costs payment may be made out of or assumed by the fund and what surpluses shall be remitted to the consolidated revenue fund.
(3)  The fund shall be managed by the Minister of Finance and the books shall be kept by the director of the Bureau. The fund shall be maintained by the sums collected by the Bureau for services rendered and by such sums as may be advanced to it by the Minister of Finance out of the consolidated revenue fund upon the authorization of the Government.
(4)  Subject to subsections 1 to 3, the fund is governed by the provisions of the Financial Administration Act (chapter A-6), adapted as required.
1987, c. 60, s. 1.