B-8 - Act respecting the Bureau de la statistique

Full text
17. The director of the Bureau may in writing, authorize the publication of:
(a)  information gathered by persons, departments or agencies for their own use and communicated to the Bureau before or after 5 July 1974; however, such information shall be subject, when communicated to the Bureau, to the requirements of secrecy to which it was subject when gathered and shall not be disclosed by the Bureau except in the manner and to the extent agreed upon with the respondents by those who gathered it or the director of the Bureau;
(b)  the information available to the public under any act;
(c)  a list of names and addresses of individual establishments;
(d)  a list of the products obtained, manufactured, processed, prepared, transported, stored, purchased or sold by individual establishments in the course of their business or of the services provided by such establishments;
(e)  a list of the names and addresses of individual establishments that are within specific ranges of numbers of employees or persons engaged or constituting its work force;
(f)  information relating to a public agency or transportation service.
1974, c. 54, s. 5.