B-1.1 - Building Act

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204. (Repealed).
1985, c. 34, s. 204; 1991, c. 74, s. 101; 1992, c. 61, s. 80.
204. The prosecutor may serve prior notice on the offender by registered or certified mail. The notice shall include the nature of the offence, the minimum fine prescribed for the offence, the amount of costs fixed by government regulation and the place where the fine and the costs may be paid.
The fine and costs are payable within the ten days following service of the notice.
Such payment shall preclude penal proceedings against the offender who is thereupon considered to have been convicted of the offence.
Failure to serve prior notice may not be invoked against the prosecutor. However, an offender who, at the hearing, pleads guilty and proves that such notice was not served, may not be ordered to pay an amount greater than the amount he would have had to pay pursuant to the notice.
1985, c. 34, s. 204; 1991, c. 74, s. 101.