A-7.003 - Act respecting the Agence du revenu du Québec

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44. Employees of the Agency must exercise their functions in the public interest, loyally, with honesty, impartiality and to the best of their ability, and treat the public with consideration and diligence.
In no case may they accept any sum of money or other consideration for the exercise of their functions over and above the amount allocated to them for that purpose under this Act.
In no case may employees of the Agency directly or indirectly grant, solicit, or accept, in that capacity, any undue favour or benefit for themselves or another person, or use for their own benefit any property of the Agency or any information obtained as an employee of the Agency.
In no case may employees of the Agency have a direct or indirect interest in any undertaking that causes their personal interest to conflict with their duties of office.
Where such an interest devolves to an employee by succession or gift, it must be renounced or disposed of with all possible dispatch.
2010, c. 31, s. 44.