A-25 - Automobile Insurance Act

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83.6. The expenses contemplated in this subdivision shall be reimbursed on the presentation of vouchers.
1989, c. 15, s. 1.
83.60. Notwithstanding section 83.57, where the Régie compensates a person by reason of an accident that occurred outside Québec, it is subrogated to the person’s rights and is entitled to recover the indemnities and the capital representing the pensions that the Régie is required to pay from any person not resident in Québec who, under the law of the place where the accident occurred, is responsible for the accident and from any person liable for compensation for bodily injury caused in the accident by such non-resident.
The subrogation is effected of right by the decision of the Régie to compensate the victim.
1989, c. 15, s. 1.