A-25 - Automobile Insurance Act

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23. This subdivision does not apply to a victim under 16 years of age or to a victim 16 years of age or over attending a secondary or post-secondary educational institution on a full-time basis.
1977, c. 68, s. 23; 1989, c. 15, s. 1.
23. The victim who is a person at home may, if, due to the accident, he becomes unable to engage in one or more of the ordinary occupations of such a person, claim, instead of the indemnity contemplated in section 20, the reimbursement of expenses incurred by reason of his disability up to a maximum amount of $150 per week. Such expenses include, in particular, care expenses, domestic help expenses, housework expenses and such other expenses as the Régie may authorize for that purpose.
1977, c. 68, s. 23.