A-23.001 - Act respecting arrangements for funeral services and sepultures

Full text
81.1. The Minister must, by regulation and within 24 months after the coming into force of this provision, establish a register of prearranged funeral services contracts and prepurchased sepulture contracts. The regulation may prescribe
(1)  the contracts and the information they contain that must be entered in the register;
(2)  the conditions, terms and periods for making or cancelling entries in the register;
(3)  the persons authorized to consult or modify the register and the terms for consulting or modifying it;
(4)  the seller’s obligation, prior to entering into a contract, to consult the register and inform the buyer of any contract already entered into concerning the person for whom the goods or services stipulated in the proposed contract are intended;
(5)  the fees for making, modifying and cancelling entries in the register and for consulting the register;
(6)  any other measure for the efficient use and operation of the register; and
(7)  the provisions of the regulation whose violation constitutes an offence and, for each offence, the minimum and maximum amounts of the fine to which the offender is liable, without exceeding $10,000.
Despite section 2, the regulation may apply to contracts entered into between a buyer and the operator of a religious cemetery and contracts for which partial or total payment need not be made before death.
The Minister may assume the operations management of the register or entrust it to a body subject to the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (chapter A-2.1). The Minister shall enter into a written agreement with that manager.
2018, c. 142018, c. 14, s. 7.