A-23.001 - Act respecting arrangements for funeral services and sepultures

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81. The Government may make regulations
(1)  determining the physical presentation of a contract and the additional information it must contain as well as the content and distribution or transmission procedure of any other document contemplated in the Act or the regulations;
(2)  determining the period of retention of a document produced pursuant to section 31;
(3)  determining, for funds held in trust and amounts contemplated in section 86, other possible forms of investment than those listed in section 26;
(4)  determining the time and the terms and the conditions applicable to the deposit in trust of the amounts contemplated in section 86;
(5)  determining when funds held in trust and amounts contemplated in section 86 may be transferred from one depositary to another and the terms and conditions of such transfers;
(6)  exempting a class of persons, goods, services or contracts from the application of all or part of this Act and fixing conditions applicable to such exemption;
(7)  determining among the provisions of a regulation those the contravention of which constitutes an offence.
1987, c. 65, s. 81.