A-20.2 - Act respecting commercial aquaculture

Full text
1. This Act applies to aquaculture carried on for commercial purposes and, in the waters in the domain of the State, to aquaculture carried on for research or experimentation purposes. It also applies to the operation of fishing ponds for commercial purposes.
The activities must be carried out with due regard for public health and safety, the environment and wildlife.
“Aquaculture” means the cultivation or raising of aquatic organisms, in particular fish, amphibians, echinoderms, shellfish, crustaceans or plants, except organisms cultivated or raised for aquarium fishkeeping purposes.
“Fishing pond” means a body of water of a maximum area of 20 hectares, containing cultured fish exclusively, closed on all sides to hold the fish captive, and used for recreational fishing.
For the purposes of this Act, “person” includes a partnership, an association and a body, unless the context indicates otherwise.
2003, c. 23, s. 1.