A-2.01 - Act respecting equal access to employment in public bodies

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13. The purpose of an equal access employment program is to increase the representation of each target group concerned in the workforce and to correct practices in employment systems.
An equal access employment program shall comprise the following :
(1)  a review of employment systems and more particularly of recruitment, training and promotion policies and practices ;
(2)  numerical goals, by type of occupation or by occupational group, to be achieved with respect to each target group concerned ;
(3)  temporary corrective measures with specified goals, by type of occupation or by occupational group, for the hiring or promotion of persons in each target group concerned ;
(4)  equal opportunity measures and, if needed, support measures to eliminate discriminatory management practices ;
(5)  a timetable for the implementation of measures and the achievement of goals ;
(6)  measures to consult and inform the personnel and their representatives ; and
(7)  the identity of the person in a position of authority who is responsible for the implementation of the program.
2000, c. 45, s. 13.