C-18.1 - Cinema Act

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66. (Repealed).
1983, c. 37, s. 66; 1987, c. 71, s. 17.
66. The Société may, for the purpose of implementing programs, prescribe, by regulation,
(1)  the form of applications for financial assistance presented to it, the information they must contain and the documents which must accompany them;
(2)  rules governing the appointment of juries that are to be responsible, on such conditions as it may determine, for awarding prizes and other benefits that the Société is authorized to grant, or make recommendations in that respect;
(3)  scales, critera and limits to be complied with by the Société in granting financial assistance.
The regulation must be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec. It comes into force on the date of its publication or on any later date indicated therein.
1983, c. 37, s. 66.