C-18.1 - Cinema Act

Full text
4. Policy on the cinema industry, while respecting freedom of creation and expression, and freedom of choice for the public, must give priority to the following objectives:
(1)  the establishment and development of the artistic, industrial and commercial infrastructure of the cinema industry;
(2)  the development of a Québec cinema and the spread of cinematographic works and culture to all parts of Québec;
(3)  the establishment and development of independent and financially autonomous Québec enterprises in the field of cinema;
(4)  the conservation and utilization of the existing stock of cinematographic works;
(5)  the respect of the right of artistic property over films and the establishment of mechanisms to oversee the production, exhibition and distribution of such works;
(6)  the participation of television enterprises in producing and broadcasting Québec films.
1983, c. 37, s. 4.