S-4.1.1 - Educational Childcare Act

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101.27. At any time, the Minister must put an end to the processing of a disclosure if the alleged wrongdoing is the subject of court proceedings or relates to a decision rendered by a court.
In addition, the Minister puts an end to the examination of a disclosure if of the opinion, in particular,
(1)  that the subject-matter of the disclosure does not fall within the Minister’s mandate;
(2)  that the disclosure is made for personal purposes and not in the public interest;
(3)  that the subject-matter of the disclosure questions the merits of the policies and program objectives of the Government; or
(4)  that the disclosure is frivolous.
When putting an end to the processing or examination of a disclosure, the Minister sends a notice, with reasons, to the person who made the disclosure, if the person’s identity is known.
2016, c. 342016, c. 34, s. 48.