S-16.001 - Act respecting the Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour

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24. The Société shall also carry out any other mandate entrusted to it by the Government because of the expertise developed in carrying out its mission; the costs are then borne by the Government to the extent that the latter determines.
Where the Government so provides, the Société may delegate the carrying out of such a mandate to a business corporation that the Société establishes and all of whose shares it holds. The Government may also prescribe the rules according to which the Société must form the board of directors of such a business corporation; in case of conflict, those rules take precedence over the corporation’s statutes and by-laws. Section 4 applies to that business corporation, with the necessary modifications.
Such a mandate may be carried out outside the territory of activity of the Société.
1990, c. 42, s. 24; 2019, c. 292019, c. 29, s. 54.
24. The Société shall also carry out any mandate, related to its object, entrusted to it by the Government; the resulting expenses shall be assumed, in whole or in part, by the Government.
1990, c. 42, s. 24.