M-13.1 - Mining Act

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83.6. (Repealed).
1998, c. 24, s. 44; 2013, c. 32, s. 46.
83.6. The holder of a licence to explore for surface mineral substances in a territory that is subject to no claim or mining exploration licence may apply to the Minister for the conversion of the licence into one or more map designated claims.
The application for conversion must be filed using the form supplied by the Minister, and must contain the information and be accompanied with the documents determined by regulation.
The claims obtained by conversion shall replace the licence from the date of issue of the certificates of registration of the claims.
The rules set out in sections 83.3 to 83.5 for the conversion of claims obtained by staking with respect to parcels of land situated in a territory referred to in section 83.2, adapted as required, apply to conversions under this section.
1998, c. 24, s. 44.