M-13.1 - Mining Act

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234. In order to ensure that every operator recovers, according to recognized mining practices, the economically workable mineral substance that is the subject of his mining operations, the Minister may
(1)  require him to transmit a report justifying the mining method used;
(2)  carry out a study to evaluate the method used;
(3)  require him to take, within the time the Minister determines, any measures necessary to remedy any situation that would compromise the optimum recovery of the mineral substance.
In the case of the study referred to in subparagraph 2, the Minister may, subject to the conditions he determines, give a mandate to a committee composed of three persons including two mining specialists who are not part of the public service, to conduct the study.
The committee shall remit a report recommending, as the case may be, measures to remedy any situation that compromises the optimum recovery of the mineral substance.
If the operator fails to comply with his requirements, the Minister may order the suspension of operations for the period he determines.
1987, c. 64, s. 234; 1988, c. 9, s. 44.