E-9 - Act respecting private education

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69. Every institution is guilty of an offence which:
(a)  infringes this act or the regulations;
(b)  makes any misrepresentation in an application for a permit or for a renewal, or in an application for recognition for purposes of grants or in a petition to be declared of public interest or in a report that it makes to the Minister, or when giving information to him;
(c)  gives courses or advertises in any way without having complied with the provisions of this act;
(d)  hinders or attempts to hinder in any way a person who does anything that this act or the regulations oblige or authorize him to do;
(e)  neglects or refuses to return to the Minister the permit which it holds when it is revoked or cancelled, or when the institution for which it was issued ceases to give courses.
1968, c. 67, s. 68.