E-2.3 - Act respecting school elections to elect certain members of the boards of directors of English-language school service centres

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221.1.3. (Repealed).
2010, c. 32, s. 43; 2015, c. 6, s. 37.
221.1.3. If a natural person has been convicted of an offence under a provision referred to in the first paragraph of section 221.1.2 committed while the person was a director, officer or partner of a legal person or partnership, the person is presumed to have committed the offence for the benefit of or with a view to benefiting the legal person or partnership.
The Chief Electoral Officer may, after a judgment of conviction is rendered against the person, apply to the Superior Court for an order stating that section 221.1.2 applies to the legal person or partnership. The onus is on the legal person or partnership to prove, on the balance of probabilities, that the offence was not committed for its benefit or with a view to benefiting it.
2010, c. 32, s. 43.