E-2.3 - Act respecting school elections to elect certain members of the boards of directors of English-language school service centres

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209.10. An elector who applies for authorization must
(1)  indicate his name, date of birth, domiciliary address and telephone number;
(2)  declare that he is a qualified elector;
(3)  declare that he does not intend to directly promote or oppose any candidate;
(4)  state briefly the purpose of the application, specifying, where applicable, the matter of public interest on which he intends to express his views;
(5)  declare that he is not acting directly or indirectly on behalf of any candidate;
(6)  declare that, to his knowledge, he does not belong to a group that has obtained an authorization as a private intervenor for a similar purpose or whose application for authorization is pending.
The application for authorization must be supported by the elector’s oath and include an undertaking by the elector to comply with all applicable legal provisions.
2002, c. 10, s. 80.