C-25.1 - Code of Penal Procedure

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8.2. In search- and seizure-related matters, subsections 1 and 3 to 10 of section 488.01 and section 488.02 of the Criminal Code (R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46) apply, with the necessary modifications and despite any inconsistent provision of any Act, to an application for and the execution of a warrant, telewarrant, order or other judicial authorization, for the purposes of a penal investigation, that allows the use of an investigative technique or method or the performance of any act mentioned in the warrant, telewarrant, order or authorization, where the application or execution concerns a journalist’s communications or a thing, document or data relating to or in the possession of a journalist.
A judge having jurisdiction to issue a warrant, telewarrant, order or other judicial authorization referred to in the first paragraph has jurisdiction to exercise the powers necessary for the application of subsections 9 and 10 of section 488.01 of the Criminal Code.
2018, c. 262018, c. 26, s. 9.