C-23.1 - Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly

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6. The following are the values of the National Assembly:
(1)  commitment to improving the social and economic situation of Quebecers;
(2)  high regard for and the protection of the National Assembly and its democratic institutions; and
(3)  respect for other Members, public servants and citizens.
The conduct of Members must be characterized by benevolence, integrity, adaptability, wisdom, honesty, sincerity and justice. Consequently, Members
(1)  show loyalty towards the people of Québec;
(2)  recognize that it is their duty to serve the citizens;
(3)  show rigour and diligence;
(4)  seek the truth and keep their word; and
(5)  preserve the memory of how the National Assembly and its democratic institutions function.
2010, c. 30, s. 6.