T-11.2, r. 4 - Regulation respecting remunerated passenger transportation by automobile

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In force: 2022-10-10
50. The report demonstrating that the target set in section 161 of the Act has been achieved must be sent on the anniversary of the date of the dispatcher’s registration. The report must contain the following information on each automobile used by the drivers to whom the registered dispatcher provides services:
(1)  the vehicle identification number;
(2)  the licence plate number;
(3)  the make, model and model year;
(4)  a statement that the automobile is a low-emission automobile within the meaning of section 157 of the Act or, if not, the automobile’s engine type;
(5)  the number of days during the period covered by the report when the automobile was part of the fleet of automobiles of the registered dispatcher.
The report must also indicate the period covered, the dispatcher’s identifier as issued by the Commission, and the dispatcher’s full contact information.
The report must be consistent with the model provided by the Commission on its website.
1046-2020O.C. 1046-2020, s. 50.