S-4.2, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the conditions for obtaining a certificate of compliance for a private seniors’ residence

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6. When an elderly person enters the residence, the operator must open a file in which the following information is entered:
(1)  the name of a person to contact in an emergency;
(2)  any special needs the resident may have;
(3)  any health problems the resident may have, including allergies;
(4)  the name of the resident’s attending physician;
(5)  the name of the resident’s pharmacist; and
(6)  the name of the person in charge of the resident’s file at the health and social services agency for the area of jurisdiction where the residence is situated.
If a person refuses to provide information required under the first paragraph, the operator must have the person sign a declaration attesting to that fact. The declaration is kept in the file.
O.C. 1168-2006, s. 6.