Q-2, r. 35.2 - Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

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31. For the purposes of this Chapter, unless otherwise indicated by the context,
(1)  “fracturing” means an operation to create fractures in a geological formation using fluids injected into a well under pressure, except an operation using volumes of fluids below 50,000 litres;
(2)  “well segment” means a part of well that allows to submit a geological zone to fracturing;
(3)  “drilling site” means the zone grouping the drilling well or wells used to explore for or produce petroleum, natural gas or brine, or to explore for or operate an underground reservoir and the land laid out in the immediate vicinity of the well or wells to receive the equipment and infrastructures necessary for the interventions performed on the well or wells, such as storage areas, soil mound and waste water storage or treatment basins;
(4)  “stratigraphic survey” means an operation to collect data on a geological formation, using samples and their analysis and technical surveys, conducted as part of preliminary investigations to eventually locate, design and construct a drilling site for the exploration or production of petroleum, natural gas or brine, or for the exploration for or operation of an underground reservoir and the well or wells which will be present on the site.
The information recorded in a notice, a study, a program or a report required under this Chapter is public information. The same applies to the analysis results sent to the Minister under this Chapter. In all cases, a copy of the notices, studies, programs, reports or analysis results must be sent to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources within the time limit prescribed for their transmission to the Minister.
O.C. 696-2014, s. 31.