Q-2, r. 35.2 - Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

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48. The person responsible for a drilling site must obtain from a professional, not later than 15 days after receipt of the results of the analysis of the water samples in accordance with section 47, the professional’s opinion on the quality of the groundwater of the drilling site to determine in particular whether it is contaminated or not or to assess the degradation of its quality.
In the preparation of the opinion, the professional takes into account the analysis results obtained following the initial characterization study of the drilling site and the results of the analysis of the water samples obtained during the withdrawal and previous withdrawals.
If the conclusion of the opinion is that the groundwater is contaminated, the person responsible must immediately send the opinion to the Minister. The person responsible must also send to the Minister within 30 days after receipt of the professional’s opinion a statement certifying the measures that have been or will be taken to determine the cause of the problem and correct the situation.
O.C. 696-2014, s. 48.