Q-2, r. 21 - Regulation respecting waterworks and sewer services

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61. A monetary administrative penalty of $750 in the case of a natural person or $3,500 in other cases may be imposed on any person who fails
(1)  to ensure continuous service to subscribers at all times in accordance with section 17;
(2)  to comply with the conditions provided for in section 18 relating to the maintenance and repair of a waterworks or sewer system;
(3)  to inspect the waterworks or sewer system at the periods provided for in section 20;
(4)  to ensure that only persons referred to in section 21 have access to the devices, reservoirs and other installations of a waterworks or sewer service in accordance with that section;
(5)  to stop any leak in the system as soon as it is discovered, in accordance with the second paragraph of section 22;
(6)  to furnish the flow and pressure for protection against fire where an agreement has been concluded to that effect in accordance with section 25;
(7)  to take all necessary steps in case of fire in accordance with section 31;
(8)  to continue the service, in the case of objections from the subscriber, for as long as there is no agreement between the parties or no order issued by the Minister in accordance with the second paragraph of section 34;
(9)  to restore service as soon as the cause for the interruption or suspension of service no longer prevails, in accordance with the first paragraph of section 36.
The penalty provided for in the first paragraph may also be imposed on any person who suspends or interrupts service to a subscriber where this Regulation does not allow to do so in contravention of section 35.
O.C. 668-2013, s. 5.