P-40.1, r. 3 - Regulation respecting the application of the Consumer Protection Act

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50.0.1. A debt settlement service contract that provides for services referred to in paragraph a or b of section 214.12 of the Act, must contain, at the very beginning, in addition to the clauses provided for in section 79.13, the following compulsory box:
“Clause required under the Consumer Protection Act.
(Contract entered into by a debt settlement service merchant)
Your creditors could refuse to reduce your debts.
Your creditors could make a judicial demand if you stop your payments. Ceasing payments could affect your credit rating.
The merchant is not allowed to advise against communicating with your creditors.
You do not have to pay the merchant before payments are made to your creditors. The merchant may not require charges and fees of more than 15% of the savings made. The charges and fees must be spread over the term of the contract.
The text of the compulsory box must be in bold type of at least 14 points.
994-2018O.C. 994-2018, s. 33.