E-12.001, r. 2 - Regulation respecting pay equity in enterprises where there are no predominantly male job classes

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Job title: Maintenance worker
Similar job titles: caretaker
Descriptive summary:
Perform general carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical and other maintenance work that is not required to be performed by a specialized worker.
Characteristic duties and responsibilities:
(1) Make minor routine repairs to facilities, hardware, furniture, and other repairs;
(2) Inspect premises to ensure proper functioning of lighting, heating, ventilation or other systems and make simple adjustments;
(3) Maintain public areas (hallways, stairs, washrooms, or other areas), carrying out cleaning tasks such as sweeping, waxing and other tasks;
(4) Maintain outdoor areas, performing such duties as lawn mowing and snow removal and other tasks.
Job qualifications, efforts and conditions:
For the purposes of assigning an hourly rate of remuneration and determining the value of the job class, the characteristic duties and responsibilities must be assessed having regard to the conditions under which the work would be performed, the qualifications and the efforts that would be required to hold such a job in the enterprise. The assessment of those factors must reflect the organizational practices of the enterprise and its way of doing business.
O.C. 315-2005, Sch. II; O.C. 695-2005.