A-6.002, r. 1 - Regulation respecting fiscal administration

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40.3R1. For the purposes of the second paragraph of section 40.3 of the Act,
(a)  the costs of seizure correspond to the actual cost for removing and towing or transporting the vehicle seized to the storage location;
(b)  the costs of preservation are set, as applicable,
i.  at $6 per day for storage of the vehicle seized, if the vehicle is in the custody of a person designated for that purpose by the Minister and with whom the Minister has entered into a seized vehicle storage or custody agreement, except if the vehicle seized occupies an area greater than 16.5 m2, in which case that amount is increased by $0.50 per m2 or part thereof occupied that exceeds that 16.5 m2 area,
ii.  at the actual cost of storing the vehicle seized, where custody of the vehicle seized cannot be immediately entrusted to a person referred to in subparagraph i and the vehicle is temporarily in the custody of a person designated for that purpose by the Minister,
iii.  at the actual cost for the services relating to the custody and surveillance of the vehicle seized; and
(c)  the payment of a deposit to the Minister may be made by postal money order, a certified cheque to the order of the Minister, drawn on a financial institution, or any other instrument of payment providing the same guarantees to the Minister, as well as by a transfer of funds to an account held by the Minister in a financial institution.
O.C. 1303-2009, s. 66.