A-6.002, r. 1 - Regulation respecting fiscal administration

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31.1.5R4. Upon receipt of the information referred to in section 31.1.5R3, the public body or its agent shall:
(1)  withhold the indicated amount, as the case may be;
(2)  within the following 8 days or on the anticipated date of payment, whichever comes last, send a notice to the Minister informing him of the amount withheld or, as the case may be, the amount indicated to be allocated;
(3)  send a notice to the person to whom the amount was to have been paid informing the person of the withholding or the allocation, as the case may be.
O.C. 748-94, s. 4; O.C. 1216-97, s. 55 and 56; O.C. 1223-2005, s. 8.