R-15.1 - Supplemental Pension Plans Act

Full text
243.6. (Repealed).
1992, c. 60, s. 37; 2000, c. 41, s. 155.
243.6. Upon receiving an application for arbitration, the pension committee must convene the members and beneficiaries concerned to a meeting to select the natural person who will represent them for the purposes of sections 243.3 and 243.7, and request the employer to communicate the name of the natural person who will be his representative for the same purposes.
In cases where several employers are parties to the plan, the pension committee must, unless it receives confirmation of a written agreement concerning the selection of the employers’ representative, convene the employers to a meeting to proceed with the selection of their representative.
The manner of convening such meetings, the quorum and the terms and conditions applicable to the appointment of representatives shall be fixed by regulation of the Government.
1992, c. 60, s. 37.