P-41.1 - Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities

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79.4. The role of the mediator is to allow the parties to exchange their points of view, and to foster agreement between the parties as expeditiously as possible.
The mediator may also give an opinion on the dispute, if it subsists, and make recommendations.
1989, c. 7, s. 26; 1996, c. 26, s. 47.
79.4. The commissioner shall, if he has reasonable cause to believe that the complaint justifies his intervention, notify forthwith the municipality concerned and transmit a copy of the complaint to it.
In addition, he shall, within thirty days from the receipt of the complaint, cause to be published in a newspaper circulated in the territory of the municipality having adopted the by-law forming the subject of the complaint,
(1)  a summary of the content of the complaint;
(2)  the text of the provision of the municipal by-law in question;
(3)  the indication that any interested person wishing to intervene and express his views in respect of the complaint must, within thirty days from the date of publication, notify the commissioner;
(4)  the indication that, during the said period, any interested person may, on request, obtain a copy of the complaint from the commissioner.
1989, c. 7, s. 26.